Introducing the
“Rebirthing through the Moon” series

of readings – for those wishing to work on releasing the frequency of their soul.

In response to many client requests, I am pleased to offer a new service – “Rebirthing Through the Moon – the Astrology of Soul Expression,” designed for people who wish to become full participants in the growth-journey of their lives, opening their intuitive and creative hearts.

In readings, I work with many different charts to help clients learn to emanate the frequency which brings them into alignment with their soul’s purpose.

This series of readings is for people who are convinced that their energetic emanation is the key to living into alignment with their soul. To fully benefit from this course, what is required of you is your willingness to honestly talk about and work on the contrasting energies you experience as you learn to choose the emanation of alignment.

This is a series of 6 private sessions over 2 months.

For each client, I develop a customized timetable of moments for self-reflection based on progressions of and transits to your various charts.

In session one, I give a full individual reading
. In this 90 minute session, we’ll explore your current life situation in the context of your soul’s potential and challenges in this lifetime. Within 3 days, you’ll receive the recording of this session and a list of dates and times offering the best opportunities for you to develop your sensitivity to your soul’s desire for expression. Your role in this is to journal on your experience of your energy and emotions through these moments.

During the 5 subsequent, 60 minute sessions, I’ll work with you to help you understand your emotional and energetic ebbing and flowing. These sessions will assist in you in:

  1. Freeing Your Soul’s Potential for creative expression
  2. Accessing Your Intuition
  3. Recognizing Input from the Spirit-Forces Wishing to Assist You (your guides).

These sessions will be scheduled at your convenience between 10 AM and 7 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday.
Your full participation is the key. Rescheduling sessions is discouraged, but I can accommodate up to 2 reschedules if you give me 7 days advance notice.

To ensure your full participation, I ask for payment in advance. The cost for the entire course, including the personalized astrological timings, is $800. I will discuss payment plan options with very motivated clients who need flexibility.

 Rebirthing through the Moon - the Astrology of Soul Expression  

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