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How to Receive a Reading From Jon:

1)  Fill out Birth Information Form (Click)
2)  Send Jon an e-mail giving him an idea of what days of the week/times of day     are most convenient for you.  You can put your birth info in here if you prefer.
3)  Use the appropriate paypal button or mail a check to:
                               Jon Waldrup, 2212 Sagle Rd., Sagle, ID  83860.

Dear Jon.....
"We want to tell you how much we appreciate the time and loving care you took with your readings for our family this holiday season.  We gave astrological readings to some of our family as Christmas gifts and the difference in outlook of the lives you touched is amazing.  I think that having such a positive take on what's ahead has been very important to us all.  You have helped our family so much and we want to continue to tell friends about your gifts and your wisdom. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insights. Thanks so much." 
Much love ---Sally and Ken Eyer
  • All sessions can be in person or over the phone. PLUS you can now Skype Jon through his skype ID : fulfillmentdegree30
  • All sessions are recorded.
      Per your preference, you will receive either an itunes compatible file of the recording via e-mail or a cd via snail mail.
  • Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours for Individual Sessions.
      2 + hours for Relationship Sessions. 
      Families are longer depending on number of family members.

    Cancellations less than 4 days before a scheduled reading result in $60 re-scheduling fee. 
    Cancellations less than 2 days before a scheduled reading are non-refundable.

Services Offered:                               
  PayPal   OR  Checks, & Cash are also accepted by Contacting Jon
Individual Reading / $200
Relationship / Couples Readings / $350
Rectification of Birth Time  |  Finding your birth time if you do not know it.  $100
 Rebirthing through the Moon - the Astrology of Soul Expression   $800
FAMILY READINGS - Contact Jon to discuss your situation and to make payment arrangements.
Give a Gift of meaning to those who mean the most to you.  Holidays / Birthday / Anniversary / Graduation
Individual / Gift Reading   $200
Couples /Gift Reading   $350
Gratuity / Donation - My readings are priced so that anyone who needs a reading can find a way to afford them.  There are times in life when a reading can be priceless. Some astrologers choose to offer a sliding scale fee structure so that their clients who can afford to have a chance to pay more. My preference is to offer you a way to express the value of what you’ve received above and beyond the price of the reading.
Gratuity/Donation (Use this button separate from other purchases)   

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