"I just listened to your reading from December 2011 again and I must say it is incredibly deep and so true. Your choice of words and expression gets right under my skin and it's so precise.  I almost got more out of it now than 8 months ago. In fact, December 2011 feels like 5 years ago....life has taken some seriously unexpected turns and I feel amazing and more alive than ever and very scared and vulnerable at the same time. Total contradiction!  I don't know what is going to happen, but for the first time in my life the love that I feel is stronger than all my fears of being hurt." ~ Anastacia
      "The session with Jon was beyond all my expectations! His approach is utterly unique and very interesting. Jon did not shower me with  astrology jargon like many other astrologers would do. He picked up specific areas from my chart, weaknesses and strengths and he offered me concrete solutions through special techniques. As he was guiding me through the technique I could feel enormous stream of energy circulating up and down my spine for several minutes. What an amazing experience it was!
   Jon's intuition is involved during the entire reading and I know he adapts his suggestions depending on how open is the client. He picked up my interest in esoteric opinions and he tuned into it accordingly. As an icing on the cake, he provided me with beautiful guided meditation at the end of the reading which I so much enjoyed and appreciated.
   Thank you Jon again VERY MUCH for sharing you knowing with me and for providing me with the timely wisdom!!! "
Warmest Regards, ~ Jana
    "Rich, profound, and gorgeous in its poetry, Jon's reading of my chart surprised me in the best possible way. I felt immediately comforted, truly seen and then by the end, I was literally bursting with excitement. I sat down to write and my creativity which had been blocked for a long time (years!) flowed easily. It felt like a miracle.
   Jon has an incredibly rare depth of understanding and his words cut right through to the core of what's been most intractably difficult for me, those places in myself that I haven't known how to access in any helpful way. He then took me way beyond this, with insights that are absolute gems, tools to create the freedom and expansion I've been wanting for so long. 
   Jon, thank you for sharing your amazing gift. You've shown me my dormant, hidden jewels and have pointed me towards the most joyful and loving way to show up in the world. I finally feel a clear sense of how I can live in alignment with who I really am and all that I love. A myriad of beautiful blessing to you always!"    ~ Shoshana.

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